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Modern Languages


The overall objective is to encourage pupils to develop and improve their competence in French communication through a variety of reading, writing, speaking and listening tasks. Pupils take part in pair and group tasks allowing them to practise the language with their peers in preparation for individual tasks.

Key Stage 3

Various themes such as Myself, My Friends and Hobbies,  My Home and Town, and My Holidays and Free Time are studied.

Each unit of work allows pupils to research, plan and express ideas and opinions. They also have opportunities to work online and present their work using ICT.

Key Stage 4

Four units across the Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skill areas are completed. The Speaking assessment is carried out in school with the teacher and the remaining units are assessed through external examinations.

Across the Curriculum

Around the school, French shares links with English, Geography, LLW and Maths.

We also collaborate with the Home Economics department in Year 9. The HE room becomes a French bistro for a day where pupils firstly make the French breakfast and then they order and serve the food using the French language - thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff alike!