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Design Technology

Design Technology is principally concerned with 'problem solving' which involves the application of scientific principles. 

There are three distinct areas of study within the subject - Design, Manufacturing, and Technological Knowledge.


This is essentially the planning and creative part of the subject which involves learning certain graphic skills.  But design is not just drawing, it also involves thinking.  There is an old saying 'when a thing is designed right it looks right'.


This is the purely practical section of the course where the pupils realise what they have designed.  They learn various manufacturing techniques from the use of hand tools to the use of sophisticated machines.  This part of the course is popular with the pupils.

Technological Knowledge

There are numerous areas of study such as mechanisms, structures, pneumatics, etc. 
We concentrate on resistant materials technology, although we do cover the basic elements of other areas.

The study and practices of Design Technology help us to make sense of the world, including both the practical issues of design and their close relationship with the values of society and in considering how the products of culture enrich experience.

Along with the specific content in the subject, the Key Elements (issued by CCEA) that Design Technology contributes to more fully are:

  • Personal Understanding
  • Personal Health
  • Citizenship
  • Media Awareness
  • Employability
  • Education for Sustainable Development

Key Stage 3

In Years 8, 9, and 10 the subject is taught mainly through project work which encompasses the three areas mentioned.  The pupils are given a design problem to solve which they will approach in a structured way.  They investigate the problem, carry out relevant research, and formulate solutions before finally making and testing the finished item.

Year 8 Programme of Study

  • Health & Safety
  • Graphics
  • Plastics Project
  • Wood Project
  • Metal Project

Year 9 Programme of Study

  • Graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Mechanisms
  • Quality Control
  • Electronics
  • STEM Project

Year 10 Programme of Study

  • Technical Drawing
  • Pneumatics
  • Clock Project - Recycled
  • STEM Project
  • Sustainability

 Key Stage 4

At GCSE level the course is governed by the AQA syllabus.  This involves an in-depth study of resistant materials during Year 11, with many different design challenges and practical processes.  A major project is undertaken by the pupils in Year 12 along with a final exam.

Areas covered in the course are:

  • New and Emerging Technologies
  • Energy, Materials and Systems
  • Materials and their Properties
  • Specialist Materials
  • Specialist Technologies
  • Electron Systems
  • Design Principles
  • Making Principles


Occupational Studies

We also offer courses in Electrical Wiring, and Vehicle Maintenance, at Key Stage 4.
See the Occupational Studies page for more details.