Charging and Remissions Policy

The Governors recognise the requirements placed on schools by the Education Order 1989 regarding charges placed on pupils and parents for certain activities related to educational experience.

The basic principle under the order, of education free of charge, if undertaken wholly or partly in school hours, is recognised and accepted.

No charge will be made for the following:
  1. educational activities including transport which take place wholly or mainly in school hours and which are part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum or are required as part of an approved examination system;
  2. materials, books and such clothing as may be necessary in relation to the above;
  3. all public examination fees with the following exceptions:
    • where a pupil is entered for more than one examination in the same subject in the same academic year;
    • resit examination fees where no further preparation has been provided by the school.

Charges will be made in relation to the following:
  1. ingredients, materials or components where parents understand that the finished article becomes the property of the pupil;
  2. where activities take place 50% or more outside of school hours;
  3. where board and lodging is required as part of a residential activity;
  4. extra curricular activities wholly or partly carried on outside school hours;
  5. damage or loss to the school, materials, or property resulting from misbehaviour of a pupil or pupils;
  6. pupils who take up the offer of individual music tuition provided by the SEELB Music Centre. This is approximately £180 per year for tuition and instrument hire but this may be subject to increase.
  7. Remark of a public examination

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