Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying often involves persistent deliberate and unprovoked attacks by those in a perceived position of power on those who are powerless to resist.

The aim of the school is the development of a mutually caring relationship between all members of the school community in order to create a secure and safe environment into which parents can send their children.

The School recognises various forms of bullying:

  1. Physical;
  2. Psychological;
  3. Social;
  4. Verbal.

The school believes that All Forms of Bullying are Unacceptable, and values the home/school partnership. In dealing with instances of bullying the school requires that:

  1. remind their child of the school’s Code of Conduct;
  2. be alert to signs of bullying;
  3. encourage their child to inform a member of staff, tutor or buddy prefect.
  1. be alert to signs of bullying;
  2. nvestigate and/or inform senior staff;
  3. provide counselling for both victim and bully;
  4. involve parents in disciplinary measures (where possible);
  5. monitor pupil-behaviour at all times.
  1. inform members of staff, class tutor or buddy prefect;
  2. learn skills of dealing with bullying (eg ignore / be assertive / stay in groups / get away).

The success of the school’s anti-bullying policy can only arise as the result of the co-operation, understanding and determination of all involved parties: Parents - Teachers - Pupils.

To help pupils understand the issue of bullying and how it may be addressed we have organised a bullying-awareness week for the last nine years and found it to be very useful.


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