Programme of Study

The Programme of Study for Key Stage 3 outlines 4 areas, which form the elements of the course.
The skills and elements to be taught as described in the current Programme of Study are:

  • Designing
  • Communicating
  • Manufacturing
  • Using Energy and Control

The units of work, which are listed below, are designed to introduce the pupils to the various elements of the Programme of Study with an increasing demand on the pupil during the key stage.

All pupils in Years 8 – 10 study Technology and Design. We offer a very wide range of experiences and the opportunity to make great projects that get more complex as you get older. Lots of your work is on display along with some classic designs, which we hope will inspire you.

A list of projects are listed on the Units of Work page and as you can see all 3 years are action packed. We review the projects regularly in an attempt to keep them as fresh as we can for you.

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