GCSE Technology and Design

Technology and Design provides an opportunity to design and make a real product. It allows you to create something to solve a problem that you have identified. As part of the course you will study the areas of designing, communicating, manufacturing, electronics, mechanical systems and pneumatics. You will learn how these technological developments have influenced the way that we live and work. At GCSE we study AQA Resistant Materials and pupils enjoy the challenges this brings. Students get the opportunity to work with various material including the traditional wood and metal as well as new Smart and Composite materials.


The GCSE consists of the following:

Written Paper

40% of the total marks

120 marks

2 hours


One paper with two sections:

Section A

30 marks

A design question based on context supplied before the exam


Section B

90 marks

Covers all aspects of the specification content


Controlled Assessment - Coursework

60% of the total marks

90 marks

A single design-and-make activity selected from a choice of set tasks, consisting of the development of a made outcome and a concise design folder and/or appropriate ICT evidence. These tasks are reviewed every two years.

The design folder should consist of approximately:

• 20 pages of A3 paper

• equivalent A4 paper

• or the ICT equivalent.

It is expected that students should spend approximately 45 hours on this activity.

As part of the evidence submitted, students should include photographs of the finished products as well as photographs at various stages of the process.

Career Possibilities

Aeronautical Engineer Plumber
Architect Product Designer
Automotive Engineer Software Designer
Computer Software Engineer Sound and Lighting Engineer
Design & Development Engineer               Sound Engineer
Electrician Structural Engineer
Electronic Engineer Teacher
Fashion Designer Textile Designer

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