Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Pastoral Care

Our aim in learning support is to ensure all pupils achieve their full potential in an encouraging environment where they feel safe and valued. 

Parents and Partnership

We at the High School believe we can best meet pupils’ needs when working in partnership with parents and actively welcome their input and support.

Special Curriculum Arrangements
Years 8 - 10
On entry, pupils are banded using:-
(1) Key Stage 2 results
(2) Liaison Teacher’s interviews with the primary schools.
(3) Standardised Test results in English and Maths.

All pupils receive Reading and Literacy Support during the important first year with some pupils receiving numeracy support.  Support will continue in years 9 to 11 for some pupils as appropriate.

Years 11 and 12 

Most pupils follow GCSE courses in years 11 and 12 but for a small number of pupils the full GCSE quota is inappropriate.  A link course with South Eastern Regional College has been established for these pupils where they experience taster courses in several vocational subjects which collectively are equivalent to 2 GCSEs.  

Access arrangements including extra time, reader, scribe etc are available for both Key Stage 3 and GCSE pupils who have been identified as experiencing difficulties.

Literacy Support

With over 40% of the year 8 intake experiencing difficulties in reading the school's Learning Support department plays a pivotal role in the drive to improve reading and literacy standards.
Every pupil in year 8 takes part in a literacy programme attending classes for varying lengths of time, according to the pupil's reading ability. By withdrawing pupils in small groups, (maximum 5), pupils will receive more individual support with the aim of improving reading and writing abilities.
Reading Partnership
Reading Partnership plays a vital role within the literacy Support Programme and involves pupils receiving 3 one to one reading sessions a week with a trained reading partner.  The scheme has enjoyed great success with some pupils’ reading age increasing by up to 3 years over a 10 week programme.

Linguistic Phonics

Linguistics phonics will be introduced to the school this year to assist pupils with reading and spelling difficulties. 

Oracy Programme

Talking and Listening is being promoted throughout the school, encouraging pupils’ confidence in both oral and written communication.

Numeracy Support

There is a growing level of concern in education circles about pupils’ mental arithmetic skills on leaving post primary education.  As a result the Learning Support department has developed a numeracy support programme tailored to the needs of our particular pupils.  Pupils experiencing numeracy difficulty are withdrawn for small group support where various interactive resources are used to develop confidence when using number.

CRC provides pupils who have a statement of language and communication difficulties with the fulltime support of a designated specialist form teacher and classroom assistant.  Pupils are supported in mainstream classes or withdrawn for one to one or small group teaching depending on their individual needs.       The CRC also provides support for pupils who experience difficulties with social interactions and facilitate a homeroom for each year group during potentially stressful times at break and lunch.

Homework Club

This year will see the commencement of our year 8 homework club.  Homework plays a vital role in consolidating pupils’ learning and we at the High School believe that this support will help establish a regular routine and positive attitude towards homework.


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