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lang1Welcome to the French Department at the High School Ballynahinch! We are an enthusiastic team of teachers with a genuine love of languages and a desire to make the learning of French in our school as enjoyable, practical and useful as possible for our pupils.

Learning a language is always more successful and also more enjoyable if it is seen as entering another world, and exploring a different culture and way of life.

Our aim is to provide a classroom experience where pupils will have fun while learning a language, and in the process developing a range of skills for use in the wider context of modern day living.

Pupils will be pleasantly surprised at how much they can understand even from the very start by making connections between words which are similar in both languages and by recognising patterns. We encourage pupils to develop their own ideas for remembering new words by, for example, learning new words in groups ( such as family members etc ) or making associations which will make vocabulary easier to remember.

The four literacy skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing are practised and developed through a range of strategies and activities, coupled with use of media and ICT including researching French websites.

Some opportunities provided include:

  • Use of French magazines containing authentic articles and interviews.
  • Scrapbook produced in Year 8.
  • French breakfast in conjunction with the H.E. Department as collaborative activity
  • Use of songs and poetry.
  • Study of French artists in Year 8 in conjunction with the Art Department.

lang2Ballynahinch is twinned with the town of Lamorlaye in France. Through this link, we have been extremely fortunate in having had the opportunity to both visit and receive visitors from Lamorlaye. A number of our pupils, through these extremely enjoyable and educational experiences, have been able to see their efforts in the classroom translate into meaningful communication, helping to enhance their confidence in building relationships including those outside their own culture.

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