GCSE Geography

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GCSE Geography follows the CCEA Specification. This boosts understanding and knowledge of our country through local Case Studies alongside Case Studies from around our world.

The course breakdown is as follows:

Unit 1 – Understanding our Natural World.

This is physical geography and covers the following themes:

Theme A – The Dynamic Landscape (rivers and coasts)

Theme B – Our Changing Weather and Climate

Theme C – The Restless Earth (earth structure, plates and volcanoes)

Unit 2 – Living in Our World

This is human geography:

Theme A – People and Where they love (population and settlement)

Theme B – Contrasts in World Development (LEDCs and MEDCs)

Theme C – Managing World Resources (use of resources, environmental impacts)

Unit 3 – Fieldwork Report

This is a piece of Controlled Assessment, completed under controlled classroom activities based on a fieldtrip, usually a river study.

Assessment is via exams for units 1 and 2, each worth 37.5% of the total mark.

The Controlled Assessment Report is worth 25% overall.

Unit 1 is usually examined in year 11, allowing for greater focus on Controlled Assessment and Unit 2 in year 12.

There are 2 tiers available. Foundation Tier can allows for grades C - G and Higher Tier allows for grades A* - D.


We also learn many skills in geography:

  • Using maps and creating route plans
  • Understanding graphs
  • Organising information
  • Working as part of a team
  • Using a variety of computer programmes
  • Thinking in many different ways
  • Solving problems
  • Making sensible arguments about issues
  • The geography department also take an active role in improving the literacy and numeracy of the pupils within their studies of geography

These skills can be used in many walks of life.

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