The English Department aims to provide interesting and enjoyable experiences in reading, writing talking and listening.

We believe that the study of English will provide our pupils with the opportunities to communicate effectively and respond imaginatively to what they hear, see and read. We hope, eventually, as a result of these shared experiences, that they will be equipped for employment and adult life. Just as important, however, is our wish that the study of English will enrich their personal lives and relationships. The staff in the English department are committed and enthusiastic and believe that the basis of all our lessons should be:

  • Ideas
  • Inspiration
  • Information
  • Images
  • Imagination

In this department we are convinced that reading is the key to success in every other subject as well as our own. We try to provide as many opportunities for reading as possible including the following:

  • We run a Scholastic Book Club
  • Library Classes where pupils are encouraged to take part in paired reading activities and the Be a Better Reader scheme
  • Book Boxes – Each class has a book box and is encouraged to read during registration period for 10 minutes three times per week.

We have also enjoyed taking part in various projects such as Read-On, Spellathon, the One Book Project and are proud of the fact that we have raised over £6000 pounds for charity as well as honing our literacy skills!

Both staff and pupils ran a very successful Book Fair to which we invited our neighbours, St Colmans and Assumption Grammar.

Our pupils enjoy frequent visits to the cinema and theatre. We are currently organising a visit to Queens Film Theatre for all Year 9 pupils to see “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” and Years 11 and 12 pupils will soon have a chance to see a production of Macbeth in school.

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