Business Technology


This subject involves knowledge and understanding of aspects of Office Organisation and Environment and of the use of Computers to complete certain Office Applications.

Aspect of Office Organisation and Environment

Within this section of the course students will cover such areas as:

  1. different kinds of office environment - eg open plan and cellular;
  2. the way the working environment may influence work performance;
  3. the importance of Health and Safety issues in the Office Environment;
  4. methods of internal and external recruitment of staff;
  5. interview techniques;
  6. on-the-job and off-the-job training;
  7. wages and salaries.

The major part of the course will be spent covering the computer aspects of the course. These areas are listed below:

  1. Word Processing and Desktop Publishing;
  2. Databases;
  3. Spreadsheets;
  4. Charts;
  5. Graphics
Use of Business Technology for Careers

Business Technology will be most useful for any office based job but it will be of great value in a very wide variety of occupations.

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