musicWe have a very active music department in The High School. Our school choir consists of approx. 50 members who take part in many different engagements. They have been in ‘UTV Choir of the Year’ and ‘Sing Carols’ for the BBC.

We were involved in  the ‘Young Voices’  concert in the Odyssey Arena and sang in Down Cathedral as well as our usual yearly engagements.

We also had trips to Lamorlaye, France with the Ballynahinch Twinning Committee which were a great success.

We have also performed alongside the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

In the Music Department we offer tuition on the following intruments: 

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Drums         
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Voice

There are over 60 pupils who receive private tuition within school and many off these sit a graded exam at the end of the year via the ABRSM syllabus.  There are also ensembles and band that rehearse on a regular basis.


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Programme of Study

music4The programme of study for Key Stage 3 (Yrs. 8-10) follows a line of development in listening, composing, performing and improvising activities which should develop the pupils understanding of the basic elements of music, enable them to realise their music potential and prepare them for further study in Music at Key stage 4 (GCSE).

In the Music Department we realise that ALL pupils are different and have varying abilities in music therefore the most important thing is that they try their best and enjoy what they are doing!!

Units of Work

Year 8

  • Elements of Music                                           
  • Vocal and Percussion Skills
  • The Orchestra/ Musical Instruments                 
  • Film/Incidental Music
  • Rhythm and Pulse                                            
  • Keyboard, Theory & Composition
  • Melody Writing/Composition                           


Year 9

  • Texture
  • Vocal and Percussion skills
  • Mood and Music
  • Song Writing
  • Graphic Score Reading
  • Keyboard/ Theory & Composition
  • Jazz


Year 10

  • ICT Accreditation/ Music Technology  
  • Vocal and Percussion Skills
  • Form in Music
  • Popular Music
  • Keyboard/ Theory & Composition
  • 60’s Project
  • Musical Traditions in Ireland

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GCSE Music

music3This course includes 3 different areas to cover:

Performance: Each pupil must perform a solo and an ensemble in front of a visiting examiner each lasting no longer than 5 minutes.

Composition: Each pupil must submit a folio of 2 contrasting pieces of their own lasting between 3-6 minutes in total. This should be accompanied by a composition log for each piece.                          

Listening and Appraising: This consists of 2 written papers based on the set-works studied in class and some unseen music.

They pupils study music from 3 topics;                                  

Repeated Patterns in Music Core area that all pupils do,

And a choice of 2 from:          

  • Incidental music
  • Vocal Music
  • Music Traditions in Ireland

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