History is the study of the past. In our study of the past we find out about:

  • People – History is about people – ordinary as well as famous, women, men and children.
  • Events – We study many important events in history, including the causes and consequences of these events.
  • Continuity and Change – We study what changed and why, but we also recognise that often things don’t change over time. An example is why were we once ruled by kings but now by parliament?

At The High School Ballynahinch we teach our pupils to think for themselves; to appreciate the difficulties in building a picture of the past using incomplete or biased evidence, and to understand that our interpretation of the past is sometimes influenced by our own prejudices or pre-conceptions.

We encourage our pupils to respect, value and celebrate their own culture and traditions and the culture and traditions of others.

We believe that the study of History should be interesting, relevant, accessible to all abilities and fun.

The history department is implementing the revised curriculum in years 8 and 9, with greater emphasis on thinking skills and  personal capabilities..

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Programme of Study

history2Year 8

We examine the reasons for studying history and then we do a unit of work on “myself in the context of wider events in the world”. This involves a comparison with the home, education and life generally of people at an earlier time, specifically Sam McAughtry who lived in Belfast in the 1930s.

We also study the Normans and how and why they arrived in Ireland as well as examining their legacy. This includes the Battle of Hastings and later the Norman landings in Wexford and Waterford and their eventual settlement in Ulster.

Year 9

Year 9 involves the study of key events in Europe and how they affected the island of Ireland. This includes :

  • the Reformation
  • plantations/settlements in America
  • the plantation of Ulster
  • the struggle between king and parliament, including the English Civil War
  • the Williamite Wars, including the Siege of Derry and the Battle of the Boyne
history3Year 10

Year 10 we will be learning about key events in Ireland and Europe. These include:

  • the Battle of Ballynahinch
  • the Famine
  • the land problem
  • Home Rule
  • Irish nationalism and republicanism
  • Unionism
  • the partition of Ireland and the Holocaust.

We follow the CCEA course, which consists of Northern Ireland 1965 – 85 (in effect the “Troubles”), the U.S.A. 1918 – 45 and The Cold War.

For coursework the topic is the assassination of President Kennedy and this involves the analysis of written sources and audio-visual material.

As well as finding history enjoyable and interesting, pupils develop their analytical and thinking skills and, while finding out about controversial events, learn to challenge stereotypes and think objectively, questioning, challenging and testing evidence. These skills are important for equipping pupils for life and for a wide range of jobs.

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