Special Needs

The admission arrangements with respect to the majority of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are consistent with the school’s general arrangements for all other pupils. Children with statements of SEN are placed in schools at the request of the South Eastern Education and Library Board (SEELB). When seeking to place a pupil with a Statement, the South Eastern Board will take into account the ability of the school to meet the child’s SE needs, the provision of efficient education for other children in the class or school and the efficient use of resources. When the school is approached by the SEELB a careful examination of the child’s needs matched to the resources available is undertaken by the Principal and Special Needs Co-ordinator. A decision is then given to the Board. Pupils who require learning support are identified at the beginning of Year 8 through information from their Primary School and through testing or parental concern. Our main aim is to improve self esteem and the literacy and numeracy skills of each child. Many children have specific learning difficulties and require some extra help in overcoming and by-passing their difficulties. This is done on a withdrawal basis for two - three periods per week. Pupils receiving learning support will have an Individual Education Plan which targets some areas in need of extra emphasis and these targets are aimed for by all staff. Some pupils may also receive extra support from Outside Agencies and yet others have access to a Classroom Assistant. Children with Special Needs benefit by grouping in small classes where they can feel secure and be given close attention and frequent friendly encouragement.

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