Senior School (Key Stage 4)

scienceThe curriculum for Years 11 and 12 includes a number of compulsory core subjects in addition to certain optional subjects chosen by the pupils themselves. Decisions on optional subjects are only taken after Year 10 pupils and their parents have followed a detailed guidance programme.

Core Subjects

Below is a table showing the core subjects and which category they fall into.

Subject Category
Science 1
English 1
Maths 1
Learning For Life and Work 2
Physical Education 3
Religious Education 4
Careers 5

  • Category 1 - available at GCSE level only
  • Category 2 - may be studied at GCSE or entry level
  • Category 3 - may be studied at GCSE or general interest level
  • Category 4 - may be studied at full or shortened GCSE course level
  • Category 5 - Non-exam

Option Subjects

The optional subjects are formed into groups from those listed below and pupils choose one from each group. The composition of these groups may vary from year to year as they depend in part on pupil demand.

Art and Design, Business Studies, Office Applications, Child Development, Double Award Science, English Literature, French, Geography, Health and Social Care, History, Home Economics, Technology and Design, Motor Vehicle Studies, Music. These subjects all fall into category 1.

Occupational Studies, category 2.

Religious Education in the school is provided in accordance with the Education Order 1989 (NI). Parents who do not wish their children to receive such Religious Education or to attend Acts of Worship have the right to ask for their children to be withdrawn from these.

Over the years in The High School pupils build up a Progress File which assists employers and others recognise an individual’s achievements.

Copies of documents relating to the content and delivery of the curriculum may be viewed in the school by appointment through the office. Should a complaint arise concerning the curriculum provided, the complainant should in the first instance contact the Principal and/or the Chairperson of the Board of Governors.


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